mardi 7 octobre 2014

Three Underworld Kingfish Hades Army

3 people with the ability highest among Meitoshi of 108 that serve Hades (Spector).

(Electrostatic weather) heaven Takashi star Minosu Griffon
Voice - Sakurai Takahiro
Trick: Cosmic Mario Nation, Gigantic Feather graphics flap
Fight Arubafika and led Mei militants subordinate as the garrison of Hades army. Die become Aiuchi in a rematch with Arubafika that it will attempt to slaughter in neighboring villages to defeat once and overwhelm him also been hampered in Zion, was Oisuga~tsu even while assume the fatal wound.

Aeacus Tenyu star (heaven Postal) Garuda
Trick: Garuda flap nest Lane Dora JIT Galactica Bring Death
The bid the Raoh, and a castle in the air floating vessels decorated with Garuda, to reign in the sky. The talks with the servitude the strongest bonds in the world has the brutality of the underworld three macrocephaly one, to the foundation of the victory at the expense of subordinates without hesitation if it is for the complete victory of its own thorough Gunki. The enlightenment holy war that lost the fight against Shijifosu, also Kakeru is purged to Hades, picked up the life over the three degrees yearning of bio-rate, belief of Tenma, by the mercy of the bright fire, there was a bond of servitude other than in his own I withdraw from. Is the real name of the Mizukagami.

Heaven Takeshi star Rhadamanthys of Wyvern (Electrostatic Tenmo)
Trick: Greatest caution, Guridingu lower
28 years old. I swear absolute loyalty to Hades. Warrior that values ​​discipline and pride as a soldier. The injured were defeated in the fight against Cardia also, it is a defense person of (Satanusu) Mamiya-Saturn sixth lost canvas later.

Su pride Regulus also lose the power of God drilled a heart overwhelming force conceives to heart the power of God as "KamiRyu". To destroy the portrait that had sealed the power of Athena in order to regain the holy war of the true Athena and Hades and Kase to Pandora confront alone in the body that have lost heart, is also destroying the side of the body, it was connected to I think to holy war of the next generation . When you release the Pandora Furishibori the power of the last, it was scattered while confessed to her feelings rather than as a warrior as Rhadamanthys individual called "Survive".